qEEG Brain Mapping Services in Gig Harbor, WA

Find a map to a better life.

If you struggle with ADHD, anxiety, or other brain-based challenges, you should know about the qEEG Brain Map evaluation. The proper evaluation can show you what you need for a better way of life.

At NeuroWave, we can show you your qEEG Brain Map is a road map you need. You can discover how your brain can perform better, so you feel and perform better.

What is a QEEG Brain Map Evaluation?

qEEG Brain Mapping refers to Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) Neurometric Evaluation. This powerful yet non-invasive evaluation provides essential information about how your brain is performing. It reads how every area of your brain is working and produces information on your brain’s performance pattern.

qEEG is a high-tech, state-of-the-art way of measuring brain functioning. We can determine how your brain performance is affecting your mental and physical behaviors.

Your brain map shows if your brain is causing ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing issues, concussion, memory loss, and more. If all areas of your brain are working well, you do not have any symptoms. If any area is under- or over-performing, symptoms arise.

Discover How Your Brain is Performing

How is the qEEG Brain Map Performed?

Sensors are positioned across all areas of your brain, and readings of your brain signals are taken in real-time. A qEEG Brain Map provides a snapshot of your brain’s functioning pattern. This snapshot will provide a picture of how your brain is operating most of the time. This information is useful in determining the brain pattern that is associated with your outward behaviors or symptoms.

What information does a qEEG Brain Map provide?

The qEEG Brain Map provides information about how all brain areas are using speed and communicating with each other. Measurements of activity are acquired, analyzed, and then visualized in a colorful map that shows brain patterns.

It will show us what your brain is doing. For example, the qEEG Brain Map for ADHD uses too much slow processing speed. This makes it difficult for you to focus, stay organized, and be productive.

The anxiety qEEG Brain Map is one of excessive fast speed High Beta. This makes you feel anxious, stressed, and in overdrive.

There are many variations of a brain map. The brain performance pattern dictates how you feel and perform.

The map will show us what we need to help your brain optimize its functioning.

Does qEEG Brain Mapping do anything to my brain?

No. The brain mapping session only reads information about how your brain is performing. The process only involves you sitting quietly while the computer takes its reading.

We put nothing into your system, and nothing is done to you. It is entirely non-invasive. Most people find it very relaxing.

Now, you can perform your own Brain Map at home with our professional on-line guidance.

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