Memory Problems

Noticing you are forgetful?

Walking into a room or opening a cupboard and not remember precisely why?

Find yourself looking for your keys, phone, wallet, and purse?

You have told yourself this is normal. It happens to EVERYONE. It’s no big deal. But in the back of your mind, you are wondering and worried that your mind is not functioning quite as you want.

You are frustrated. Maybe your partner or kids are getting frustrated with you. It’s become a joke. Dad lost his phone again. Or… Mom can’t find her keys.

You are concerned. You want help but are not looking for another medication.

Conditions that cause memory problems…

Several conditions cause memory problems. You’ve likely heard of these most common ones:

Alzheimer’s Disease


Lyme Disease

Chemo Brain

Our Brains Slow Down with Age

If our brains slow down too early or too fast, it can lead to thinking, memory, and information-processing problems.

If you are struggling with memory loss, inability to track conversations, brain fog, or scheduling errors, Neurofeedback has been proven to improve processing and heal brain cells through scientific research.

Call us now. We would love to talk about how you can “train your brain.”