Neurofeedback for Depression

Medication-Free Treatment for Depression

feet in mudIs Depression Holding You Back?

Depression feels like weight. Your body feels heavy, and just existing in the world sometimes feels like you are slogging through mud. You feel slow. Numb.

The CDC defines depression as, “the presence of feelings of sadness, emptiness, or irritability, accompanied by bodily and cognitive changes lasting at least 2 weeks.” [1]

man holding head and looking downHow Common is Depression?

You are not alone in the struggle against depression. According to data from the National Health Interview Survey, 2.8% of adults experienced severe symptoms of depression. Also, 4.2% experienced moderate, and 11.5% mild symptoms within the past 2 weeks. [1]

Symptoms of Depression

Feeling sad, loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness are common symptoms of depression. Depression may also be accompanied by migraines or anxiety

If you feel like there are days when it takes so much effort just to get out of bed, there is a glimmer of hope that things will get better. Someday you can shake this feeling.

woman opening blinds facing the sunriseNeurofeedback for Depression

At NeuroWave, we keep up with the latest neuroscience, so we can offer you medication-free treatments to help with depression.

Antidepressants work to help balance the levels of neurotransmitters, specifically serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. [2] However, depression medications can have unwanted side effects. Mood conditions, like depression and anxiety, are controlled by your brain waves. When they are not functioning properly, YOU are not functioning properly. 

Depression makes hormones unbalanced. Your neurotransmitters are out of whack, but there are ways to balance your neurochemistry other than medications. This is precisely what Neurotherapy can help with.

We can help you get back into balance.

Many people have been helped using neurofeedback for depression. You can achieve similar results. Call us now at 253-205-5762 to learn more in a 15-minute free phone consultation.

Learn more about Low Energy Neurofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Alpha-Stim. Let’s find out what works best for you.