Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Fibromyalgia and chronic pain are running your life.

Sleep is never great.

Anxiety seems to be always lurking as you wait for the next flare-up or are waiting for the current flare to end.

The pain never quite seems to release completely.

You are so tired of the pain.

Constant pain.

But it’s not just the pain you are tired of anymore. It’s the changes in mood ranging from feeling overwhelmed and anxious to feeling down and numb. It’s the trouble remembering things. The pins and needles. The nausea. The fatigue. It all feels like too much.

Tired of the pain? We can help.

Try something different.

Did you know that brain-generated pain can improve by helping the brain calm down? Neurofeedback helps your brain shift out of the fog and into clear skies.

We have learned that a brain with harmonized electrical activity generates less brain-generated pain. It helps the body sleep. It helps improve memory and focus. It helps with clarity. Helps improve and stabilize moods.

Take a chance on yourself. We help you feel more like yourself.

We can help ease some of your pain.

We have learned that by addressing anxiety, sleep, and brain-generated pain that we can offer some relief.

Let us help you. Contact us now to learn more by calling (253) 205-5762.