Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS)

Services in Gig Harbor, WA

What is LENS?

LENS is a form of biofeedback that helps your brain shift its activity. It uses brain-mapping technology that allows your Certified LENS Practitioner to identify how your brain functions and develop a treatment plan to optimize its performance.

LENS involves measuring and recording electrical signals from the scalp and using the frequencies of those signals to guide the speed of a feedback signal from a feedback unit near you.

The extremely weak electromagnetic pulses come from the EEG cables and will be neither visible, nor will you feel them. The recorded EEG signals influence the electromagnetic feedback. The feedback, in turn, changes the quantity and frequency of the recorded brainwave signals.

How does LENS work?

At NeuroWave, we will place sensors on your ears and your scalp. Our EEG system will gather information from your brainwaves and then simply mirror your own brainwaves back to your brain. This mirroring helps your nervous system by interrupting its maladaptive patterns allowing the brainwaves to change.

More simply, we show your brain how it’s working. Your brain recognizes that there’s something wrong. And then your brain works to fix it.

What can you expect?

Your first session will be about 45 minutes; ongoing sessions will be no more than 30 minutes.

Most of our clients need only 15-20 sessions to get optimal results. However, a handful of our clients have more than 20 sessions. It’s a pain-free treatment with no known significant side effects. After all, we are simply mirroring your unique brain waves back to your own brain.

The strength of the signal is far less than a cell phone and cannot be felt. This signal is 1000 times weaker than simply holding a AA battery against your forehead. The signal is set at the optimal level that allows your brain to recognize and adapt to it.

It’s time to try something new.

The use of LENS has proven effective in many types of ‘stuck’ brainwaves… that cause discomfort and misbehaviors if allowed to remain.

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