Neurotherapy for Anxiety and OCD

Fast, Safe, Powerful Relief

Life is too short to struggle. If you suffer from anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), it is time to end the struggle. You deserve to feel great with an advanced medication-free approach.


Neurofeedback for Anxiety and OCD

Stress does not have to rule your life. You may not even remember what it feels like to be calm, relaxed, and focused. Stress puts your brain and body into survival mode.

Now there is a high-level anxiety treatment that gets to the root of your symptom. Neurofeedback therapy is a specialized approach that is sought after by many people and has been increasing popularity. It is medication-free with no side effects. It can help you feel calm and focused.


What is the Main Cause of Anxiety and OCD?

Although anxiety appears to be a psychological problem, it is rooted in a brain performance issue. Anxiety is caused by an irregular brain performance pattern of too much fast speed in the brain. Just like if a car drives too fast it cannot be controlled, your brain can lose its ability to be calm and focused.
You probably know the physical changes associated with anxiety. You feel anxious or afraid, your heart rate speeds up and breathing deepens. Perhaps, your mouth goes dry, and digestion slows down. These are some of the sympathetic nervous system’s response to ready the body for “fight or flight.” Once the feeling of anxiety passes, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over, calming the body down for rest and recovery.
What happens if your brain is in a constant state of worry? The fight or flight mode can become your natural state if your brain performance pattern is imbalanced.

Anxiety and OCD sufferers tend to have repetitive, negative thoughts that create a chronic state of fear or dread. This type of brain activity is usually related to excessive beta brain activity in the right side of the brain.

Obsessive compulsive disorder patients tend to have more excessive negative thoughts that may include:


  • Contamination fears especially from dirt
  • Needing things symmetrical and orderly
  • Difficulty tolerating uncertainty and doubting self
  • Unwanted thoughts about sex, religion, or aggresive behaviors
  • Thoughts about harming themselves or others


How Does Neurofeedback for Anxiety and OCD Work?

Neurofeedback therapy reduces the High Beta use in your brain. Therefore, it can bring your brain back into the optimal mode. Thus, you can feel and perform better, fast.

Neurofeedback teaches your brain to make less High Beta to reach a calm and focused state. The sessions are relaxing and all you do is watch a video while reclined in a chair. Specialized computers do all the work for you. As you watch, the screens brightens when your brain makes less High Beta and dims if it makes more.

Over time, your brain lowers its levels of High Beta and you feel calmer and more focused. Neurofeedback uses special scientific principles called Operant Conditioning. This trains your brain to use a healthier performance pattern. Science proves Neurofeedback is effective with no risks. Since the 1960s people have used Neurofeedback to feel and perform better.


Anxiety and stress are impacting our society more and more these days. It is affecting students worse than ever. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that they are the most common mental health challenges. Anxiety is harming Americans with more than 40 million adults suffering and 1 in 8 children are suffering from stress. 


Most people do not realize that many other health problems that they suffer from are a product of stress. Just to name a few, the following health conditions are directly related to anxiety:


When you use Neurofeedback to relieve your stress, you can improve your health. You can increase the longevity of your health too. This way you can age well and continue to enjoy your life for a long time.


Stop Surviving and Thrive

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