PTSD and Neurofeedback Therapy

Trauma get our brains stuck.

People who come to see us often have tried everything else. Counseling, medications, and feel like nothing is every going to work for them.

The truth of the matter is that your brain is stuck in a PTSD pattern which makes it challenging for traditional therapies to be as effective as they could be.

At NeuroWave, we use the latest in Neuroscience to unstick your brains patterns.


It’s a brain thing.

Yes, it is a brain thing. Yes, you experienced a situation that your brain registered as a traumatic experience that was so startling that your brain wasn’t able process it.

Rather, your brain got stuck along with a host of feelings, including body sensations, emotions, thoughts, images, sounds, smells, and even tastes.

This means that now you might be experiencing some of the following symptoms:

Nightmares, flashbacks, sitting so you face the door, function on high alert, protective, heart racing, restless sleep (if and when you can sleep), panic, and isolation.

And avoidance of people, places, and things.

These are triggers that set you off and take you right back there.


What event can trigger this type of brain response?


Trauma from war. Witnessing violence. Shootings. Natural disasters. Motor vehicle accidents.

Trauma from experiencing sexual trauma. Physical trauma.

Trauma from unexpected loss of a loved one. Medical trauma.

Trauma from having a family member that experienced trauma. Relationship trauma.

Trauma from your work. Military trauma. First Responder Trauma. Medical Profession Trauma.


If you are ready for change, reach out now!

At NeuroWave, we can help address the underlying symptoms of a PTSD to include anxiety, panic attacks, avoidance, hypervigilance and difficulty focusing.

Using the latest in neuroscience, we will develop a plan to improve your functioning, so you can get back into the game and back to life.

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