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Solutions for ADD and ADHD in Gig Harbor, WA

You are so easily distracted.

Restlessness. Difficulty concentrating. Unable to focus.

It’s hard to recall what you just read.

Trouble completing tasks, homework, or chores.

Misplacing or losing things.

Feeling stupid. Feeing VERY stupid!

You want to feel focused, calm. Smart.

It seems like your brain won’t let you.

Being unable to track a conversation is a constant cause for embarrassment.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could listen in class, finish tasks, and stop losing things?

You want to feel less frustrated with yourself.

We can help!

Using the latest in brain science, at NeuroWave we can help your brain calm down.

We use the latest equipment to read and interpret your brainwaves. This allows us to guide your brain to shift how it has been working.

Your brain is a magnificent organ and can recognize when something has changed – and begin to improve the way it functions.

Let us help you find your ‘calm.’

We will help your brain shift out of its current state and into a state of ease.

When in this calmer state, you will find it easier to pay attention, finish tasks, and just feel better overall.

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